Dr. TÜlin

The Skills Of our Teacher

Dr. Tolin is a teacher with extensive experience spanning 28 years, speaking 80% of the Arabic language with the Syrian dialect. She is also a professor at the Turkish Ministry of Education, where she taught Turkish to Syrian students in the camps for 13 years in addition to being responsible for the educational staff of the United Nations.

The teacher, Dr. Tolin, is distinguished by teaching many different curricula, such as the curricula of Tomer, Hatiti, Istanbul, Lali and Tulip, and provides various content and supporting educational files that help students understand the materials easily and smoothly. She has a good and clear teaching style and high patience, which helps learners acquire the Turkish language easily and confidently.

In addition, the teacher, Dr. Tolin, is highly efficient in providing individual support to students and providing appropriate solutions to their inquiries, and this leads to improving the level of students and increasing their confidence in using the Turkish language. This is what gives the associates a strong balance of the Turkish language.

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